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Healthglobal Physical Therapy is a multi-disciplinary clinic located inside the Loblaws Market Square and Medical clinic at 17 Leslie Street conveniently located at Leslie and Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto. Parking is always free and our team look forward to assisting with your physical therapy needs.

Our services include: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Therapy and Massage Therapy. We also fit and adjust Orthotics, knee and ankle braces along with fitting support hose for your tired legs.

Whether you have a workplace injury, a sports injury, or an injury caused by a motor vehicle accident our team will guide you back to full health.






We accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

We accept nearly all major insurance plans and have special programs in place for people who are uninsured, and for industries that have been the most effected by the COVID 19 Pandemic. If you are involved in the Arts: Music/ Theatre/ Dance/ Film or the Restaurant Industry please let us know at the time of registration and we may be able to offer you special pricing if you are uninsured.



Whether you have been injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident we can help ensure that you receive the care you need!




Workplace injuries can be highly debilitating and influences your productivity at work and at home. The WSIB is there to help make sure you’re safe from harm at work. If you are ever injured or become ill because of your job, they are there to give you the care and support you're entitled to under Ontario's workplace safety and insurance system. The WSIB offers a range of benefits to workers and their families, including the cost of health care related to workplace injury and illness. If you have an injury as a result of work and are a worker with an employer covered by WSIB, visit the WSIB website to learn more. At Healthglobal Physical Therapy, we can help you through the entire process.




It can be overwhelming and scary to be in a motor vehicle accident. To help to decrease some of the confusion on the paperwork side, below are some steps you can take if injured in a car accident.


Step 1: Report the motor vehicle accident to your insurer.


Step 2: Visit your physiotherapist or chiropractor and inform them that you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.


Step 3: For new patients: inform us that you were injured in a car accident upon your initial visit. Important information to provide to the clinic upon the first visit includes: Claim number, Date of accident, Adjuster’s name and contact information.


For current patients: let us know that you were injured in a car accident so that we may book extra time to discuss any new injuries and perform a physical examination of the injured area. Important information to provide to the clinic upon your visit includes: Claim number, Date of accident, Adjuster’s name and contact information.


Step 4: In addition to the standard clinic forms, there is additional paperwork that needs to be processed when you are visiting a chiropractor or physiotherapist for therapy as a result of a car accident.  Your insurer will forward forms to you that are required to be filled out by you. In addition they will provide Treatment Plan forms for you to give to your chiropractor. We will submit the Treatment Plan to your insurer directly.


Step 5: If your treatment plan is approved by your insurer, then the cost for therapy is billed directly to the auto insurer. However, if you have extended health care, the FSCO guidelines require that your extended health care insurance is billed first prior to billing your auto insurance. The goal of treatment after a car accident is to return you to you pre-accident status.  


For more information regarding how to proceed after a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, visit the FSCO website :

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We carry and fit: Orthotics, Support Hose and Knee and Ankle Braces